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  • Franklin D. Roosevelt Elected US President
    • Significance: With US economy floundering, Roosevelt was charged with reversing the Great Depression; having watched Hoover let it slide downhill, Roosevelt was determined to take immediate steps
    • Location: US
    • PECS: Political
    • Cause: Hoover and Republicans largely ineffective in countering Depression and losses in economy
    • Effects: New Deal programs, recovery
    • Other: None


  • The New Deal
    • Significance: In the first 100 days, Roosevelt enacted powerful legislation to bring the country out of depression while extending a hand to lift large numbers of people out of poverty/insecurity
    • Location: US
    • PECS: Economic
    • Cause: Depression had caused business failure, poverty, and unemployment
    • Effects: Job creation, business revival, bank/financial controls
    • Other: Focused on 3 key parts: Job creation(NIRA, CCC), social improvement(Social Security), Economic regulation(SEC,FDIC)


  • Warsaw Pact Created
    • Significance: In response to NATO, the USSR formed the Warsaw Pact with the Eastern-European communist countries.
    • Location: Eastern Europe
    • PECS: Political
    • Cause: USSR afraid of US and Allies
    • Effects: Increased tension
    • Other: None

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