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  • Islamic rape in africa
    • End Date: n/a
    • Significance: Increased Islamic power and established Islam as a major world religion
    • Location: Africa
    • Theme: Religions and Value Systems

  • Emperor Qianlong begins sex riot
    • End Date: n/a
    • Significance:Increases China's territory, no trade
    • Location:China
    • Theme:Impact of the Individual


  • War of Spanish Succession
    • End Date: 1714
    • Significance: Set up early rivalries and alliances between nations email me:
    • Location: Spain
    • Theme: Global Interaction


  • Act of Union merged Britain and Ireland
    • End Date: N/A
    • Significance: Unification of British Isles creates unified state with more power and dominance
    • Location: UK
    • Theme: Political and Social Systems


  • Robert Walpole becomes first PM of Great Britain
    • End Date: N/A
    • Significance: Established the Parliament as the real head of state
    • Location: Great Britain
    • Theme: Impact of the Individual

  • Treaty of Nystad ends Great North War
    • End Date: N/A
    • Significance: Fought between a coalition of Russia, Denmark-Norway, and Saxony
    • Location: Northern Europe
    • Theme: Global Interaction


  • Slave Trade Rising
    • End Date: 1850
    • Significance: Millions of slaves were shipped to Europe and its colonies
    • Location: Africa
    • Theme: Economics and Technology


  • War of Polish Succession
    • End Date: 1738
    • Significance: Established ties between France, Austria, and Poland; Created Poland as a autonomous nation
    • Location: Poland-Europe
    • Theme: Global Interaction


  • Frederick II (the Great) comes to power
    • End Date: N/A
    • Significance: Makes Prussia one of the most powerful European countries
    • Location: Prussia
    • Theme: Impact of the Individual

  • War of Austrian Succession
    • End Date: 1748
    • Significance: Sparked the beginning of German Dualism between Prussia and Austria, which would ultimately bring about German Nationalism and the drive to unify Germany as a single entity
    • Location: Austria- Europe
    • Theme: Global Interaction


  • French and Indian war begins in America
    • End Date: n/a
    • Significance: Results in British domination of America, Asia, and Africa
    • Location: America
    • Theme: Global Interaction


  • Seven Years war
    • End Date: 1763
    • Significance: Emergence of Great Britain as the main colonial power in the world
    • Location: World
    • Theme: Global Interaction


  • British defeat French at Quebec
    • End Date: n/a
    • Significance: Signified diminishing power of French as a colonial power. British grew in strength
    • Location: Canada
    • Theme: Global Interaction


  • George III becomes king of Britain
    • End Date:n/a
    • Significance: During reign agricultural revolution peaks
    • Location: Britain
    • Theme: Impact of the Individual


  • The Industrial Revolution
    • End Date: 1830
    • Significance: Changed production, caused urbanization and led to a huge advancement in technology
    • Location: Britain, World
    • Theme: Economics and Technology


  • Reign of Catherine the Great
    • End Date: 1796
    • Significance:Was enlightened despot, made reform in education, expanded Russian territory to include a warm-water port
    • Location: Russia
    • Theme: Impact of the Individual


  • Anglo-Mysore wars
    • End Date: 1799
    • Significance:A war between the Kingdom of Mysore (then a French ally) and the British East-India Company
    • Location: India
    • Theme: Global Interaction


  • Spanish est. 21 Missions in US
    • End Date: n/a
    • Significance: 21 missions spread Catholicism to Native Americans and connect Spain's vast American territory
    • Location: US
    • Theme:Religions and Value Systems
  • Bengal Famine kill 1/3 of population
    • End Date: n/a
    • Significance: Kills millions, sets back countries
    • Location: India
    • Theme: Continuity and Change


  • Cook claims Australia
    • End Date: n/a
    • Significance: British take control of Australia
    • Location: Australia
    • Theme: Political and Social Systems


  • American Revolutionary War
    • End Date: 1781
    • Significance: Reduced British power and established a republic, the new independent United States of America, based on Enlightenment principles
    • Location:America
    • Theme: Political and Social Systems


  • Battle of Yorktown
    • End Date: 1880
    • Significance: British lose results in American Independence
    • Location: America
    • Theme: Political and Social Systems


  • French Revolution Begins
    • End Date: 1799
    • Significance: Knocks French off superpower club
    • Location: France
    • Theme: Political and Social Systems

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