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  • Africans shipped to Americas
    • End Date: N/A
    • Significance: Slave trade prospers
    • Location: Africa-America
    • Theme: Economics and Technology
    • GET FRIMPONGED!!!!!!!!!!


  • Dutch East India Co.
    • End Date: 1623
    • Significance: Brought wealth to the Netherlands
    • Location: Netherlands
    • Theme: Economics and Technology
    • George washington takes Mexico


  • Elizabeth I dies and is succeded by James IV of Scottland
**End Date: N/P
    • Significanze: Unites England and Scotland under one banner, now all that is left is Ireland (See row 59)
    • Location: British Isles
    • Theme: Political and Social Systems
    • Queem Elizabeth gets raped

  • Gaylileo trial fucking a goat becomes a law
    • End Date: N/A
    • Significance: Catholic Church forces Galileo to recant his heliocentric theories and puts him under house arrest.
    • Location: outer space
    • Theme: Economics and Technology

Nicola is a raging gumball of the factor ten ( hoods is a square ) baby,


  • Jamestown Founded
    • End Date: N/A
    • Significance: Prompts European Colonization of the Americas
    • Location: America
    • Theme: Global Interaction

Nicola Howells for hardley school in the south of england is the ultimate gumball also lewis hood from the same school is a square head


  • King James Bible fin.
    • End Date: N/A
    • Significance: Anglican version of Bible
    • Location: England
    • Theme: Impact of the Individual


  • Cardinal Richelieu disbands the Estates-General
    • End Date: N/A
    • Significance: Concentrated Power in the hands of Louis XIII
    • Location: France
    • Theme: Political and Social Systems


  • Anglo-Mughal trade
    • End Date: N/A
    • Significance: Brititsh E. India controls India, trade
    • Location: India
    • Theme: Global Interaction


  • 30 years wars
    • End Date: 1648
    • Significance: Devastates central Europe
    • Location: C. Europe
    • Theme: Global Interaction


  • Japan bars Western Merchants
    • Ello Lovelies. I fixed your site. :D
    • Significance:Kept Asia safe from Western Influence and preserved their way of life
    • Location: Japan
    • Theme: Global Interaction


  • Wars of 3 kingdoms
    • Significance: Civil wars in Scotland, Ireland, and England
    • Location: UK
    • Theme: Political and Social Systems


  • Dutch take Malacca from Portugese
    • End Date: n/a
    • Significance: **NEEDS FIXED, Was Ninjaed by an idiot**
    • Location: Indonesia
    • Theme: Global Interaction


  • English Civil War
    • End Date: 1651
    • Significance: Makes Parliament the ruling force of Britain
    • Location: England
    • Theme: Political and Social Systems


  • Manchu conquer China
    • End Date: n/aEnd of Ming, Qing takes over
    • Significance: Manchu conquer China End of Ming, Qing takes over China Global Interaction
    • Location: China
    • Theme: Global Interaction


  • The Enlightenment
    • End Date: 1790
    • Significance: Period of revolution in ideas of philosophy and justice. Philosophers such as Locke, Montesquieu, and Rawles redefined the way people thought about philosophy
    • Location: Europe
    • Theme: Religions and Value Systems


  • English Monarchy restored
    • End Date: n/a
    • Significance: Parliament/democracy abolished
    • Location: England
    • Theme: Political and Social Systems



  • Hudson's Bay Company Est.
    • End Date: n/a
    • Significance: Gave France an economic and colonial foothold in Canada
    • Location: Canada
    • Theme: Economics and Technology

i dont know


  • Czar Peter in power
    • End Date: 1725
    • Significance: Important landmark in Russian history
    • Location: Russia
    • Theme: Impact of the Individual


  • Newton publishes Principia
    • End Date: n/a
    • Significance: Reveals great laws of nature, ie gravity
    • Location: Britain
    • Theme: Impact of the Individual

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