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September 2001 Edit

  • 9/11 attacks accure not long before first birthday

October 2001 Edit

  • is born and diagnosed with ADHD
  • first holloween

December 2001 Edit

  • first christmas
  • first New Years

February 2003 Edit

  • Speech classes

September 2004 Edit

  • first day of head-start.
  • Pedimal seizures accrue. (Constant blinking and rolling of eyes.)
  • Medicade
  • first girlfriend (Shelby)

January 2005 Edit

  • first field trip
  • break up with Shelby
  • visits second girlfriend's house (Christina)

February 2005 Edit

  • First campground visit
  • christina moves.

September 2005 Edit

  • First day of kindergarten (Very confused in why schools changed instead of staying in place)
  • 3rd girlfiend (Harley)

October 2005 Edit

  • Fifth birthday (gets a gameboy, first electronic device)
  • Break up with Harley

March 2006 Edit

  • moves to a trailer park.

June 2006 Edit

  • First horror movie (Gets scared for life from it)
  • Avoids upsidedownn crosses for a long time.

September 2006 Edit

  • First day of elementary school. (Is more used to moving school to scholl)
  • moves out of trailer into another trailer in the park.
  • 4th girlfriend (Autumn)

March 2007 Edit

  • overheard calling autumn fat. Oops.
  • breakup with autumn. Lol

April 2007 Edit

  • First internet jump scare

June 2008 Edit

  • Fails 3rd grade

June 2009 Edit

  • Michael jacksonn dies and parents go crazy.
  • Gets a wii.
  • Friend (Franklin) dies
  • First dog (Bently)

May 2010 Edit

  • 7th girlfriend (Tia)
  • Tia's cousin threats to beat me up after dating. (Conner)
  • Tyler, Conner, Coty, and Colby bully on the bus for no reason
  • Conner brings porn magazine on bus attempting to makeliess about Tia being on the magazin. *believes him*
  • Conner and everyone in a class hold me down and throws my shoes at me and kicking me in recess. (bruises occur)

June 2010 Edit

  • Runs to Tia's house without permission. (First grounding)
  • Takes pills for ADHD. Medison makes everything worse.

August 2012 Edit

  • Best day of my life
  • swimming lessons

September 2013 Edit

  • First day of middleschooll
  • Me and Tyler become the best friends ever.
  • Finds Miiverse

September 2015 Edit

  • Seventh grade
  • Alex beomess the middleschooll trouble maker.
  • Very unable to get a girlfriend
  • Becomes a little more famous

February 2015 Edit

  • Giant party to two week vacca

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