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This article is a placeholder for what will be a timeline about Christianity. It has yet to be filled with user created content. You can help by contributing to and editing what little material is here at this time.

Watch this page for new developments.


  • Start of Jesus' Life
    • End Date: 33AD
    • Significance: Began Christianity
    • Location: Middle east
    • Cause:
    • Effect: Spread of Christianity in Greco-Roman world
    • Theme: Impact of the Individual


  • Posting of Luther's 95 Theses
    • End Date: N/A
    • Significance: Start of Protestant Christianity
    • Location: Germany
    • Cause: Corruption, sale of indulgences, and simony in the Catholic Church
    • Effect: Protestant Reformation spread to northern Europe. Catholic Church begins Counter Reformation in which it reformed itself
    • Theme:

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